Specialized Benefit Services adds personal benefit lines to platform 03/24/2018

NATIONAL INDEPENDENT AGENCIES Release:  Norwell, Massachusetts Mar 24, 2018,      NIA announces the addition of personal line of benefits to the SBS platform.

There is a nationwide demand today for products that are designed to satisfy a person’s desire to enhance their appearance. A myriad of opportunities now exists with today’s technology to literally change one’s appearance and SBS has brought those opportunities to market and built them into one package. The addition of benefits such as; Smile Direct Club, invisible aligners for teeth which can be done from home and directly through the mail, HCG diet program, a serious weight loss technique administered under a doctor’s care… not a program for sissies. HGH peptide (hormone) therapy, AeroFlow for sleep apnea, Hair restoration etc. There are huge markets for these services today and Specialized Benefit Services has now made them available at generous discounts. These services are an affordable reality for the average consumer. SBS plans to reach a much larger market share with this enhanced product offering and the forecast is very favorable with an expanded national audience.

NIA is….

not an agency per se; rather it is a federation of many agencies large and small (and some single independent agent producers) but all acting as a single driver in the Insurance Marketplace in the United States for the benefit of the consumer.

Independent insurance agents” representing the full range of insurance carriers available in their markets, provide options to individuals and employers that fit the needs of the beneficiaries. Independent agencies supporting non captive independent agents provide what the consumer wants and or fits their requirements not the needs or marketing preferences of the insurance providers and captive agencies that push products for profit that neither serve their clients nor properly compensate the agents who sell them.

Unencumbered agents not held captive to agencies and their terms or insurance providers can serve the consumer rather than just sell the consumer…. and by doing right for the consumer reap the lion’s share of commissions regardless of the carriers or the product. The agent can do what the consumer really wants or needs and earn more. These independent agents and agencies will form around experienced insurance specialists who will be in business for themselves and will gain considerable rewards for their objective assistance to consumers.

Agents in captive relationships with large agencies, or working in house for insurance companies, for health insurance, financial planning, supplement lines etc. can walk away and become a part of the National Independent Agencies (NIA) System. These agents can work independently, own their own business (book) and receive training, support and commissions under the Affiliated NIA System.

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