Exclusive Offerings

Specialized Benefit Services

Specialized Benefit Services (SBS) has accelerated into the marketplace offering their highly coveted suite of products. This desirable product offering consists of Individual and Family Dental, Telemedicine, Vision Care, Roadside Assistance, Legal Planning, and Identify Theft Protection. Each benefit has genuine worth to the consumer, and as a benefit suite the SBS subscription plan is truly an excellent value.
National Independent Agencies has been selected as the exclusive distribution channel for SBS. The SBS benefit package www.sbsbenefits.com has been an immediate success since inception and continues to be a top seller. Since the plan is a high-volume item with a low price point, brokers typically bundle SBS with other ancillary products and/or Health Insurance. The $30 monthly residual (lifetime) has made SBS a broker favorite.


Mutual of Omaha

The “New Beginnings” critical illness plan from Mutual of Omaha promises to be a hot product Brokers will surely want to offer their clients. With simplified issue, knockout questions, nearly instant underwriting and the name Mutual of Omaha… this will be an immediate success. The Critical Illness Package is designed to be one of the most comprehensive programs in the marketplace today. Consumers will receive feature rich benefits with affordable premiums hence more protection for less. The celebrated name Mutual of Omaha is synonymous with quality and dependability. This product will be sold in all 50 states starting with Massachusetts September 1, 2015 with more states to follow.

Mutual of Omaha has chosen National Independent Agencies – NIA, as their exclusive distribution channel in Massachusetts and “Preferred Commissions” Nationally for NIA Affiliated Brokers and Agencies.

Comprehensive Dealer Services

National Independent Agencies has been awarded an exclusive program with Comprehensive Dealer Services www.cdsdealers.com to broker contracts to automotive dealers selling every type and equipment of motor vehicles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, off road sport vehicles and watercraft.
These Benefit Groups represent a majority of the US marketplace in this field. This industry can generate for a serious broker $5,000 to $25,000 per month in additional revenue by presenting these products to dealers who sell them to their clients when a new or used motor vehicle or craft is being sold. These products are Insured and backed by International Stop Loss carriers at the top of the industry.

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