Reinsurance A whole new world of opportunity for brokers


The World of Reinsurance

Unlike the traditional insurance business whether you’re in the individual or group market, or if you sell life insurance and annuities, there is no similarities between the traditional insurance world and the automotive reinsurance world. If this is your first introduction to the world of Automotive Reinsurance you may find this interesting if not refreshing. Even though there are many different facets to automotive reinsurance, the one you’re probably most familiar with is the automotive warranty. The consumer buys a car, new or used and they put a warranty on it… simple. The dealer supplies the warranty to the customer and buys the warranties from you. Every car they sell new or used, you get paid.


Once you discover Reinsurance, you’ll never be spinning your wheels or looking for clients again. Whether they’re a Franchise Dealer (new cars) or an Independent Dealer (used cars) they’re everywhere. Literally by the thousands in every state. You only need a few to make a big difference in your income. The additional insurance products that can be sold to dealers is only limited to your imagination.


For the first time the client will actually love you, because you will make them money. Every warranty the dealer sells makes them money, which in turn makes you money.

Present Situation:

Maybe you’re a successful broker but see the need to diversify. Maybe you have an agency with solid brokers but they’re struggling right now in the marketplace. Maybe you’re a big thinker and you’ve just run the numbers, or maybe you just need a change.

Reasons for the Right Licensed Brokers to apply:

“Since National Independent Agencies has the distribution channels for some of the largest Reinsurance Groups in the world and has exclusive programs with Comprehensive Dealer Services www.cdsdealers.com to broker contracts to automotive, recreational, sport, motorcycle, farm and marine dealers as well as to banks and credit unions. We are offering a selective nationwide opportunity for agents and agencies with the backing of all products by a select group of insurance carriers.”

Brokers earning $4,000 every month and every year with as few as 4 dealers. The top 44% of F&I agents earn in excess of $15,000 per month. Agencies earning $35,000 to $50,000 per month in overrides is not unrealistic.

We’re in search of qualified licensed Insurance Brokers and Agencies who fit the bill with quality and reputation. These programs have never been available to any Agents or Agencies until now.


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