About NIA


National Independent Agencies is an Organization whose mission is to  provide resources for agents and agencies across the United States to start, grow and develop their business.



NIA is committed to assisting an agency owner in building their business. This includes operations, contract negotiations, financial accounting or legal formation. NIA can assist established agencies to develop passive agents into more productive agents. Affiliated agencies are provided the tools and the freedom to achieve greater revenue potential. Through specialized training and market strategies we can help an agency become more profitable.

NIA requires no captive relationship. We provide one stop shopping essentially making the plans of more than 300 National and Regional Carriers available at preferred commission levels in all 50 states as well as proprietary products.

Agencies Affiliated with NIA retain their agents longer and usually expand their base of business. When agents are earning more income, retention takes care of itself. NIA can provide an agent with proprietary products and National Contracts which will enable them to earn (if they so desire) higher commissions, which in turn benefits the agency.


NIA is committed to assisting individual agents and can provide all the back office administrative functions necessary for an agent to plug into and start their own agency or to remain solely independent. We believe that the lion’s share of your effort should be paid to you, not to organizations who provide little or no support. We can demonstrate how agents can earn more income for the work they do.



Our Philosophy is to work with agents and agencies on a local and national level.

  • We believe the independent agent is king and the small agency is the cornerstone of the agency system.
  • We believe it’s better to own your book of business rather than transfer it to an up-line entity that does nothing to earn it.
  • We believe in using our national presence to garner higher commissions for each agent and/or agency.
  • We believe each agent or agency owner should make all decisions regarding their agency and not be bullied or ignored by major providers. NIA gives you reinforcement in the marketplace.


How to get started today with NIA

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