Our Story

The NIA story originally started with an idea… a concept if you will of putting the agent on the top of the food chain and not the bottom. Since we all started as agents we felt there must be a way to pay the agent top commission for their work while balancing the back room expenses so the agency can be profitable as well. Hence NIA was born. Our goal is simple… everyone has to win.


Here it is in a nutshell: You earn higher income, you own your own book of business, you sign no contract, and It costs you nothing. We simply equip you with knowledge you can use immediately, and you get it free On Line.

  • Leads:
    • Anybody can buy leads today, but very few know which are the best lead vendors and how to create successful “lead profiles”. If you don’t know how to do this, you will not only NOT make money, you’ll lose money. We show you our “playbook” on how to make money with leads. We hold nothing back.
  • Commissions:
    • Commissions are paid directly to you, by the carrier with few exceptions. NIA features proprietary product lines that pay the broker high residual income for life. We put a very high value on residual income, especially now… in the times we live in.
  • In demand products:
    • We could list all our carriers and products, but I won’t bother. The reality is the consumer is trying to save money… Now. You can benefit from that.
    • Health Care Costs have created significant opportunities for the perceptive agent.  Small Business and Individuals are being crushed today under the weight of high premiums. You have a solution.
  • A proven sales system:
    • All great companies have a system. . NIA offers the agent or agency a simple approach that makes the sales process fun, and the close easy. No gimmicks and not a system that works for only top gun producers.
  • Technology:
    • Technology in the hands of today’s broker is not just an important advantage, it is the difference between success and failure… believe it. Brokers that write serious volume without exception use a CRM tool in order to do it. But… not all CRM tools are created equal.
    • The CRM tool we use will intergrate with lead vendors and help you sell product directly over the phone. The bottom line is you must know your numbers, the CRM tracks your numbers and we’ll teach you how to use them to your advantage. This will launch you into high income.

Lastly… You have to make money with NIA, because if you don’t, you’ll walk… and that’s our problem.


How to get started today with NIA

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