Norwell, Massachusetts July 10, 2020

National Independent Agencies announces the launch of Safe Harbor Health. A Professional Wellness Program designed for employees. No longer does an employer need to be a large company of 1,000 or more. Through Safe Harbor Health large and small employers can offer these benefits and enjoy tax savings as well. More and more companies are entertaining the idea of a benefit rich Wellness Program in the workplace in light of how hard it is to recruit and retain employees along with the rising cost of health care.

The Safe Harbor Wellness plan benefits all. Astute employers realize that employees are the company’s greatest asset. Like any other asset, the employee has to be a high priority since it is people who build companies. Under the Safe Harbor program employees have access to a myriad of benefits and services to enhance their Physical, Social, and Mental well-being. They can take advantage of these plans through a combination of wellness and section 125 guidelines. Supplemental benefits are supplied to the employee in the form of life insurance, Critical Care, Accident coverage, income protection, telemedicine etc. Employees are then able to spend the savings (avg $150 mo.) without changing their take home pay. The employee gets more bang for their buck and the employer saves on avg. $540 in reduced tax obligations per year, per employee. Enrollment is optional. The revenue saved through tax obligations even though substantial, could be minor compared to the savings received through employee retention and training programs.

NIA is….

not an agency per se; rather it is a federation of many agencies large and small (and some single independent agent producers) but all acting as a single driver in the Insurance Marketplace in the United States for the benefit of the consumer.

Independent insurance agents” representing the full range of insurance carriers available in their markets, provide options to individuals and employers that fit the needs of the beneficiaries. Independent agencies supporting non captive independent agents provide what the consumer wants and or fits their requirements not the needs or marketing preferences of the insurance providers and captive agencies that push products for profit that neither serve their clients nor properly compensate the agents who sell them.

Unencumbered agents not held captive to agencies and their terms or insurance providers can serve the consumer rather than just sell the consumer…. and by doing right for the consumer reap the lion’s share of commissions regardless of the carriers or the product. The agent can do what the consumer really wants or needs and earn more. These independent agents and agencies will form around experienced insurance specialists who will be in business for themselves and will gain considerable rewards for their objective assistance to consumers.

Agents in captive relationships with large agencies, or working in house for insurance companies, for health insurance, financial planning, supplement lines etc. can walk away and become a part of the National Independent Agencies (NIA) System. These agents can work independently, own their own business (book) and receive training, support and commissions under the Affiliated NIA System.


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