NIA To Launch New Website For Its Affiliated Agencies 02/06/2015


Release: Las Vegas, Nevada February 6, 2015

NIA to Launch new website for its affiliated agencies and agents as well as a new informational site and quote engine for consumers.

The new website will not only allow easy access to information on more than 1000 different medical and supplemental plans from more than 150 carriers but also will allow the agents to quote and facilitate applications to interested clients.

Consumers can benefit from National Independent Agencies philosophy

There will be a link to quote and informational pages for consumers as well as an opportunity for consumers to almost immediately connect to certified and licensed insurance agents with experience in the specific areas of a consumers’ interest.

NIA President Joseph Murray stated that consumers have the opportunity to talk to an experienced agent licensed by state departments of insurance with continuing education every year to help them make sound educated decisions on health plans. This is in contrast to unlicensed poorly trained customer service representatives working on exchanges that consumers cannot even manage to get through to.

Often NIA can arrange for in person meetings with consumers. Something a state exchange or an internet agency cannot do. The key difference with NIA is to encourage one on one meetings with consumers.

NIA is an organization with access to over 150 carriers in 38 states that encourages one on one meetings with consumers by licensed agents to help them make choices and does not push their own products. Something the internet cannot do.

Insurance policy premium costs are based on the policy type, and an individuals’ statistics however unlike other consumer products you can buy on the internet, the costs are regulated by the states and insurance policies bought online cost no less than the same policy you can buy from an agent in your home or direct with a carrier. There is no cost advantage to online internet sites and often many products are not made available to consumers as the sites program what they want to show based on where they can make the most money.

NIA agents offer all options unlike the internet sites and captive agents who push their companies own products on consumers.

NIA is….
Independent insurance agents” representing the full range of health care carriers available in their markets “guide & provide” options to individuals and employers that fit the needs of the beneficiaries. Independent agencies supporting non captive independent agents provide what the consumer wants and or fits their requirements not the needs or marketing preferences of the insurance providers and captive agencies that push products for profit and bonuses that neither serve their clients or properly compensate the agents who personally sell the products.

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