Formation Of National Communications Center 07/11/2014


Release: Norwell, MA July 11, 2014

NIA announces formation of National Communications Center. NIA Telephone Banks can provide customer service and policy assistance for carriers products for agencies

NIA has fully activated their “National Telephone Bank” and” Information Assistance Center” With a fully integrated access system to operators and licensed agents and with a 100 line capacity, the NIA Communication Center can field thousands of calls per month

NIA spokesperson Stacey Watrous indicated that NIA can provide this service for the clients of our affiliated agencies. Now consumers can call their agencies or NIA brokers with confidence and get fair and unbiased information to help them make renewal or other decisions regarding their health care options.

This is in sharp contrast to misleading robo calls from unscrupulous companies that mislead consumers about their policies or agents.

NIA also helps large and small employers by providing the same information to their employees by sending an agent or a team of agents out to meet with companies to arrange this.

She went on to say that this system will be relocated shortly and housed in a separate NIA office facility in Norwell Massachusetts which is being expanded and built out at this time.

NIA President Joe Murray stated that “nothing but accurate information and all available options are there for consumers who call in and speak to courteous and knowledgeable agents.

Several unidentified agents in the temporary facility indicated that this process will put integrity back into the process that robo calling and misleading cold calls from agents take away and they’re happy to participate.

NIA is….
Independent insurance agents” representing the full range of health care carriers available in their markets “guide & provide” options to individuals and employers that fit the needs of the beneficiaries. Independent agencies supporting non captive independent agents provide what the consumer wants and or fits their requirements not the needs or marketing preferences of the insurance providers and captive agencies that push products for profit and bonuses that neither serve their clients or properly compensate the agents who personally sell the products.

Unencumbered agents not held captive to agencies, their gimmicks or insurance providers profit or preferences can serve the consumers rather then just sell the consumers…. and by doing right for the consumer reap the lion’s share of commissions regardless of the carriers or the product. Do what the consumer really wants or needs and make more. These independent agencies will form around experienced health care insurance specialists who will be in business for themselves and will gain considerable rewards for their objective assistance to consumers.

Agents in captive relationships with large agencies, working in house for insurance companies, for property and casualty or financial planning agencies can walk away and become a part of the National Independent Agencies (NIA) System. These agents can work on their own, own their own business and get better training, support and commissions under the affiliated NIA System.

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